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Owner and trainer, Ultimate Angular


GDE, ThisDot co-founder


Reactive Programming: Why You Should Care and How to Write More Future Proof Code

This talk explains reactive programming in its simplest form, explores the various places we see reactive programming paradigms appear in our every day code, and discusses the future of reactive primitives in TC39 and WHATWG.We'll walk through code samples using RxJS, a push based primitive and domain specific language that sits on top of JavaScript and you'll see just how easy it is to create a more composable application architecture and use reactive programming paradigms to essentially future proof your code from common JavaScript fatigue. You'll see how concepts and paradigms/code remain consistent from framework to framework and how easy it becomes to copy paste 90% of our code from framework to framework and what you can accomplish with the arsenal of lego bricks RxJS provides with its declarative syntax and intrinsic portability.

GDE, Developer Advocate for @Ionicframework


Fast PWAs With Angular And Ionic

Progressive Web Apps! We're constantly hearing about PWAs and why we should care about them. 

But when it comes to making one, we're often left to build out all the core features of a PWA, by hand. Thankfully, we have Angular, and have the right tools to help us out. We'll looks at patterns you can take in your Angular app to start to make it an Progressive Web App, and what tools are available to make sure our app is ready to be a PWA.

Developer and Consultant, Founder of ngGirls


It’s Alive! Dynamic Components in Angular

The main use-case for using dynamic components is when we can decide only in run-time which component is loaded. They’re also the only solution when we want to embed Angular components in non-Angular ones. In many cases, replacing in-template components with dynamic ones is beneficial to performance and code quality. In this talk we’ll learn how to create and use dynamic components, and discuss several types of usages. 

Co-founder of @thoughtram, @machinelabs_ai

Hanover, Germany

@NativeScript core team


From web to mobile with NativeScript and Angular

Do you have a web app, but you also need a mobile app?Would you like to be able to build both with a single project?Would you like to reuse your existing code and also share it with a mobile app project?Come and see how you can use the Angular CLI to extend your existing web application with mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Telerik Developer Expert for NativeScript

Chico, CA

Engineering Learning & Development Lead @ Mapbox

Trainer @thoughtram and Co-founder of @machinelabs_ai

Changing the Game with Cypress

When we talk about UI tests, the first thing that comes to mind is  probably Selenium. No wonder, it’s the most widely used testing  framework for web applications. It was originally developed in 2004 and  now, after 14 years, it still takes a dedicated team of QA engineers to  implement it correctly. Tests are often flaky, painful to debug, and the  overall developer experience is rather poor. But for many years there  wasn’t another choice, until Cypress was born. Cypress tries to solve  the biggest testing challenges, e.g. painless setup, easy to write  tests, support for async testing, performance, and a good understanding  of why  tests fail. Cypress is made from scratch focusing on developer  experience, debuggability and consistency.  In this talk, we’ll look at how to get started with Cypress and dive  into some basic tests. We’ll also see how to work with http requests and  explore the debugging capabilities of Cypress.

Developer advocate @NexmoDev


Software Architect, Instructor

Bolzano Area, Italy

Women Techmaker Lead. Co-founder codestrand

Sanxenxo, Spain

Web Engineer @SFEIR


Women Techmaker Lead, Senior IT developer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Developer Advocate @nexmodev


GDE, Haibrid founder

London, UK

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