Alex Okrushko

Software Engineer, Google, Firebase

Alex is a software engineer at Google working on Firebase Console. He is also a core member of NgRx team and a passionate maintainer of this library at Google. At his free time, he writes and reviews articles at and provides NgRx workshops.


Magical TypeScript features and how they help projects like NgRx

TypeScript is a powerful language for web apps and with 5 to 6 minor releases per year, it’s getting more sophisticated and enables its users to better describe their intentions and more code even more type safe. This is particularly exciting for library authors as it allows to enforce expected usages.
In this talk I’ll start from the basics of generics, type union and intersection, then cover new `unknown` type, build up to conditional types and how type inference can be used in them. We will also learn about callable objects and how to restrict specific property names in objects. All of the examples have real use case and are used in new NgRx v8, that allowed significant “boilerplate” reduction.