Andrey Starovoit


Andrey is a senior developer on the WebStorm team at JetBrains. For the past 5 years, he’s been working on the core JavaScript and TypeScript support in the IDE, added dozens of new inspections and refactorings, and learnt multiple JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, and even Meteor to improve the way IDE supports them.


How to build Angular support in the IDE from scratch

Ever been curious how IDEs and editors support different frameworks and languages? Or maybe you wanted to develop a plugin to support some new framework or contribute to an existing one?

In this talk, I’ll explain how support for frameworks is built in WebStorm, using our open-source Angular plugin as an example. We’ll go through every part of this process – from adding basic syntax highlighting to building inspections and refactorings. I’ll talk about the challenges that are out there and how we have overcome them.