Colleen Dunlap

Software Developer at Ifakara Health Institute

Colleen is a free-spirited techie with a passion for global engineering and connecting with others.  She loves Hackathons, Coffee, and the Circus.  She is the Founder of Sol Flame, a Solar-Electric Clean-Cook Stove startup.  She is currently spearheading a web development project to provide legal and emotional support to LGBT+ people living in countries where Homosexuality is illegal.  Colleen has traveled to Guatemala to implement water system designs with Engineers Without Borders.  She loves seeing how technology can empower underserved populations, which is why she’s taught for Girls Who Code as well as other smaller-scale STEM outreach programs.  She is spending her summer in Tanzania building technology tools (including Angular-powered Progressive Web Apps!) for malaria research projects at the Ifakara Health Institute.


Angular-Powered Progressive Web Apps in Extraordinary Circumstances

First, this talk will be an introduction to Progressive Web Apps - what they are, their benefits (such as offering offline functionality, can be run as web page or native app, and increased performance speed), and tools to create them.  Secondly, this talk will cover how PWAs can be applied to fields such as Tropical Medicine, Disaster Relief, and more.