Ferdinand Malcher

Co-founder of Angular. Schule

Ferdinand Malcher is one of the authors of the German "Angular" book, passionate speaker and teacher. He works as a freelance software developer, trainer and media designer, with a focus on Angular, Node.js and TypeScript. Together with Johannes Hoppe he established the Angular.Schule company.  Ferdinand likes to take care of creative details. Many of his development projects are driven by his passion for photography, film and media technology.


API from 0 to 100: Angular and GraphQL

Let's get together and explore GraphQL! What are the advantages over REST? How is a schema structured, what are queries and mutations? Equipped with this knowledge we will pimp up our Angular application. We will use Apollo Angular and RxJS to get the best out of our API – with live coding! At the end of our talk you will have enough knowledge to take advantage of GraphQL in your project, too.