Oleksandr Poshtaruk

Senior Front-End developer

Hey, ppl! I am Oleksandr Poshtaruk, Senior front-end dev in itecgurus.com (work remotely, Kiev). I moved 3.5+ years ago from an L3 support position to be a front-end developer. For now, I mostly work with Angular (+ngRx, RxJS) on work projects. Also, I am articles writer about RxJS and Angular on Medium for ‘Angular-in-Depth’ blog. I was a speaker in the Ukrainian JS conference in May 2018 about using RxJS to renew tokens in iframed Angular app, and recently released a beginner video course on Udemy "Hands-on RxJS" with a PacktPub.


RxJS unit testing in Angular - whole picture

Angular and ngRx are hardly using RxJS lib under-the-hood, and for this code, we need to develop unit tests. Say you heard something about marbles or maybe about special TestScheduler from RxJS, and also there are jasmine-marbles, rxjs-marble testing lib - phew... “Isn’t it too much to just create some unit tests? I am overwhelmed!” Well, you are right, it is too much! But ... after this talk you will be an expert of RxJs unit-testing approaches) +bonus: Why angular unit-testing documentation is not so cutting-edge anymore;-) Interested? Then come and listen to the talk!