Peter Keppert

Head of Web Development at Ferratum Group

Peter is Head of Web Development at Ferratum Group, fintech company based in Finland, specializing in mobile financial services. Together with his team he is responsible for migrating the company’s customer-facing websites in 25 countries around the globe from PHP (Drupal) to Angular.


You can’t go wrong protecting it strong

Security is something that customers universally expect, it is first and foremost a mandatory requirement, not a competitive advantage. As developers focus on application features and staying up to date with fast changing frontend development tech stack, security and privacy take the rear seat, while developers assume that the frameworks they are using will handle security for them in the background. They indeed do to a degree, but as we will see during this talk, security vulnerabilities are more than anything human errors, caused by negligence of those who design and develop the applications. Who doesn't understand the fundamentals, will create applications in an unsecure manner regardless of technology stack. The bright side of this statement is that knowledge gives you power to actively manage security risks.

This session will answer a number of questions: Which attack vectors will the perpetrators explore in order to steal your visitors’ money and personal data? How will they lure them into visiting malicious websites or alter your website’s content just to embarrass your company in the eyes of the customers? Most importantly, how can you make sure they won’t? We will go through common security vulnerabilities found in Angular applications and look at practical demonstrations of how simple coding mistakes can be easily exploited with grave consequences. You will learn how to prevent such mistakes and gain confidence in the solutions that you design and develop.