Shmuela Jacobs

GDE, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

You will always see a smile on Shmuela's face, but if you want to add some extra glow in her eyes talk to her about Angular, community, or her little ngBaby. As a Google Developer Expert, she teaches, consults and speaks about Web and Angular all around the world. Shmuela is the founder of ngGirls - an initiative aiming to increase diversity in the programming world. She works as a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, where she gets to connect with the web community around Azure tools and contribute to related open source projects.


Reactive Powered: RxJS with Angular Forms

Angular’s Reactive Forms module gives us a lot of control and flexibility to easily build and define our forms. While looking at async data and form lifecycle events as streams, we can leverage the power of RxJS to react to these events. Presenting a non-trivial custom form control, Shmuela will show how she uses Observables when creating the form, reacting to value and state changes, and validating the input.