5 - 6 Nov.
10:00 am EET
2 days

Angular Level UP — Reactive Patterns with RxJS

This training will bring your reactive skills in Angular to the next level!  

Angular with RxJS is a powerful combination for resilient and maintainable applications. As it is based on opinionated patterns, tooling, and rendering Angular is a perfect fit for everything long living, maintainable and scalable. This is the reason why the framework in combination with RxJS  is so favoured in the enterprise sector.

In this workshop, you will get a really deep and comprehensive knowledge to:

  • setup reactive application architecture;
  • powerful operator patterns for complex behavior;
  • state management beyond the basics;
  • composing asynchronous processes.

We will learn how to implement the above topics in your real life projects! After a practical and detailed tour through the latest changes in RxJS
we will leverage the power of reactive architecture and APIs.

After looking at the latest best practices we will utilize the power of container components in combination with the facade pattern and other modern architectures.

We will learn several ways to create custom operators to structure our code.

As last piece we will learn how to implement state management in your dayle business and lear why most people miss use libs like ngRx.

You'll learn:

  • deprecations and best practices in RxJS;
  • scalable project structures with monorepos;
  • implementing end to end type safety (front to back end);
  • Introduce the facade pattern;
  • container and display components;
  • push based services;
  • reactive micro and macro architecture patterns;
  • when to use state management libraries;
  • how to categorize state;
  • implementing REDUX with ngRx in a scalable project structure;
  • setting up store, selectore, reducer and actions;
  • when to use effects?




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